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Tucker Course Syllabus - 6th grade Reading


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SYLLABUS:      Course Title:  Reading     Grade level:  6th


Instructor Information:


Instructor: Mrs. Heidi Tucker Email:  htucker@girard248.org
School Phone:  (620) 724-4114 Planning Period Time available for phone call:  9:00-9:45




Course Standards (general topics you will learn in the course):

1) Cite evidence from the text.

2) Determine a theme or central idea of a text.

3) Analyze how elements of a story interact.

4) Determine the meaning of words as they are used in a text.

5) Analyze a drama's or poem's structure.

6) Compare and contrast elements of a story, drama, or poem.

7) Read and comprehend stories, dramas, and poems geared towards grades 6-8.


Classroom Expectations / Expected Behaviors:

The student will be expected to:

    -take care of all school property.

    -take part in all activities and do all work.

    -respect Mrs. Tucker and each other.

Materials: It is the expectation that you will bring the following to class everyday:

1) pen or pencil

2) iPad that is charged

3) paper

4) one paper or plastic folder with pockets (labeled "Reading" on front)


Grading Policy:                                                    Calculation of Final Trimester Grade:

A =90-100%                                                            Simple Average based on Total Points possible

B =80-89%                                                                               OR

C =70-79%                                                             Weighted Categories:

D =60-69%                                                                  60%  Homework, tests, and activities

F =0-59%                                                                    20% Spelling

                                                                                    20% Accelerated Reader


Absences:  If you are absent, when you return to school it is your responsibility to check with each teacher to see what you missed during your absence. Based on the number of days you missed, you will have that same number of days to submit make-up assignments. 

Late Work:  One extra attempt to be grade at 80% partial credit

iPad Policy in this class:  You are NOT allowed to use your iPad for personal pleasure (gaming, internet surfing, ...) in this class unless the teacher has verbally given permission for students to do so.