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Vocab Lists


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Vocab #7 Test February 27th

  1. taut: pulled or drawn tight, not slack

  2. petrified: paralyzed with fear

  3. anomaly: something that is different than usual

  4. slaughter: to kill livestock for food purposes

  5. professor: person who teaches college classes

  6. director: person who orders, oversees or manages

  7. diva: a usually glamorous and successful female performer or celebrity; especially : a popular female singe

  8. elective: an optional course in school

  9. hesitate: to pause or show reluctance

  10. combination: a connected series of letters or numbers chosen in setting a lock

Vocab #6 Test February 20th

  1. prefix
    Definition: a syllable in front of a root word

  2. suffix
    Definition: letters put at end of word to change meaning

  3. autobiography: true life story written by and about the author written history of the life of a person

  4. fiction: invented story

  5. nonfiction: literature that is true, realistic

  6. fact: something that is true

  7. opinion: a belief or judgment held without proof

  8. idiom:commonly understood usage of language

  9. metaphor: figure of speech equating two things

  10. simile: Definition:a comparison statement that uses "like" or "as"



Vocab #5 Test February 13th


    Definition: people elected to serve a group


  • Definition: held the attention of someone, fascinate, to hypnotize or spellbind


  • Definition: internal sense of right and wrong


  • Definition: stern or even sinister; full of despair


  • Definition: a request by an authority to do something


  • Definition: thinking about


  • Definition: trouble caused by reckless or teasing behavior


  • Definition: widespread outbreak of an infectious disease


  • Definition: to move in a clumsy or awkward way


  • Definition: to retain or keep safe



Vocab #4 Test Tuesday, Feb. 6th

  1. residential
    Definition: designed or designated for people to live in

  2. contempt
    Definition: a feeling of disrespect

  3. rationed
    Definition: gave out equally in limited amounts.

  4. sophisticated
    Definition: worldly and refined, complicated or complex

  5. exasperated
    Definition: irritated or extremely annoyed

  6. belligerently
    Definition: in an aggressive manner

  7. hearse
    Definition: funeral car that takes the dead to cemeteries

  8. mourning
    Definition: grieving at the loss of something

  9. gnarled
    Definition: rough and twisted, especially with age

  10. vivid
    Definition: extremely clear or bright


Vocab List #3 Test Jan. 30

  1. conserve
    Definition: to retain or keep safe

  2. property
    Definition: something owned or a possession

  3. artifact
    Definition: an object made by humans, often from the past

  4. Iditarod
    Definition: an annual dog sled race in Alaska

  5. vaccine
    Definition: immunization or medicine that prevents disease

  6. absurd
    Definition: obviously foolish or untrue

  7. aroma
    Definition: a smell or scent in the air

  8. epidemic
    Definition: widespread outbreak of an infectious disease

  9. nonchalant
    Definition: cooly unconcerned

  10. compensate
    Definition: to make up for; reimburse