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Course Syllabus


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SYLLABUS:      Course Title: 6th Grade Math    Grade Level:  6th Grade


Instructor Information: 


Instructor:  Wyndee Arneson Email:  warneson@girard248.org
School Phone:  (620) 724-4114 Planning Period Time available for phone call:  10:34 - 11:23



Course Outline:

McGrade Hill-Glencoe Course I
Chapter Subject
Rates and Ratios (Chapter 1)

•Factors and Multiples



•Ratio Tables

•Graph Ratio Tables

•Equivalent Ratios

•Ratio and Rate Problems

Fractions, Decimals, and Percents (Chapter 2)

•Decimals and Fractions

•Percents and Fractions

•Percents and Decimals

•Percents Greater than 100% and Percents Lesson than 1%

•Compare and Order Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

•Estimate with Percents

•Percent of a Number

•Solve Percent Problems

Computer with Multi-Digit Numbers (Chapter 3)

•Add and Subtract Decimals

•Estimate Products

•Multiply Decimals by Whole Numbers

•Multiply Decimals by Decimals

•Divide Multi-Digit Numbers

•Estimate Quotients

•Divide Decimals by Whole Numbers

•Divide Decimals by Decimals

Multiply and Divide Fractions (Chapter 4)

•Estimate Products of Fractions

•Multiply Fractions and Whole Numbers

•Multiply Fractions

•Multiply Mixed Numbers

•Convert Measurement Units

•Divide Whole Numbers by Fractions

•Divide Fractions

•Divide Mixed Numbers

Integers and the Coordinate Plane (Chapter 5)

•Integers and Graphing

•Absolute Value

•Compare and Order Integers

•Terminating and Repeating Decimals

•Compare and Order Rational Numbers

•The Coordinate Plane

•Graph on the Coordinate Plane

Expressions (Chapter 6)

•Powers and Exponents

•Numerical Expressions

•Algebra: Variables and Expressions

•Algebra: Write Expressions

•Algebra: Properties

•The Distributive Property

•Equivalent Expressions

Equations (Chapter 7)


•Solve and Write Addition Equations

•Solve and Write Subtraction Equations

•Solve and Write Multiplication Equations

•Solve and Write Multiplication Equations

•Solve and Write Division Equations

Functions and Inequalities (Chapter 8)

•Function Tables

•Function Rules

•Functions and Equations

•Multiple Representations of Functions


•Write and Graph Inequalities

•Solve One-Step Inequalities

Area (Chapter 9)

•Area of Parallelograms

•Area of Trapezoids

•Changes in Dimension

•Polygons on the Coordinate Plane

•Area of Irregular Figures

•Area of Composite Figures

Volume and Surface Area (Chapter 10)

•Volume of Rectangular Prisms

•Volume of Triangular Prisms

•Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms

•Surface Area of Triangular Prisms

•Surface Area of Pyramids

Stastical Measure (Chapter 11)


•Median and Mode

•Measures of Variation

•Mean Absolute Deviation

•Appropriate Measures


Classroom Expectations / Expected Behaviors:

1)  Enter the classroom quietly, orderly, and prepare materials to begin class.  Bell work will begin when the tardy bell rings.

2) Be on time (if you are late to class, you will be marked tardy and given a strike on your discipline log)

3) Complete all assignments on time (missing or mostly incomplete assignments will result in a material mark)

4) Be respectful of the teacher (NO talking while the teacher is talking)

5) Be respectful of other students


Materials: It is the expectation that you will bring the following to class everyday.

1) Textbook

2) iPad that is charged

3) Pencil, ink pen, paper


 Grading Policy:                                                   

A =90-100%                                                           

B =80-89%                                                              

C =70-79%                                                            

D =60-69%                                                                 

F =0-59%                                                                  


Calculation of Final Trimester Grade:

Weighted Categories:  60% = Tests    20% = Daily Assignments     20% = Quizzes


Absences:  If you are absent, when you return to school it is your responsibility to check with each teacher to see what you missed during your absence. Based on the number of days you missed, you will have that same number of days to submit make-up assignments. 


Late Work:  One extra attempt to be graded at 80% partial credit


iPad Policy in this class:  You are NOT allowed to use your iPad for personal pleasure (gaming, internet surfing, ...) in this class unless the teacher has verbally given permission for students to do so.