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6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus


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SYLLABUS:      Course Title 6th Grade Social Studies  

Grade level: 6th


Instructor Information:


Instructor: Brad Herlocker Email: bherlocker@girard248.org
School Phone:  (620) 724-4114 Planning Period Time available for phone call:  1:40-2:10




Course Standards (general topics you will learn in the course)--

1)   Students will learn what is currently going on in our world and challenges we face.

2)   Students will learn and demonstrate basic geography skills such as how to read a map, give directions, use latitude and longitude and use technology to determine our place and location in the world.

3) Students will learn about 5 themes of geography and the basic continents and oceans.

4) Students will learn about importance of world history and family history and different tools used by historians. 

5) Students will learn about the major world religions and how they have impacted human history.

6)  Students will learn about the ancient civilizations from the four river valleys(Nile, Mesopotamia, Indus and Huang He), the Greeks, the Romans, the world during middle ages (500-1500) and the the eventually Renaissance and exploration to the Americas.  

Classroom Expectations / Expected Behaviors:

Classroom Expectations:  Other rules will be added as needed!

  1. Have all materials and be seated and ready to work when the bell rings. 
  2. Respect others at all times and treat people how you want to be treated.
  3. All other rules in the student handbook will apply in this classroom.
  4. ________________________________________________________
  5. ________________________________________________________

Consequences for infractions:

Informal Warning

Formal Warning

Strike issued

If a student will not comply with the rules and the disruption is interfering with the learning environment the student will be referred to the Principal’s office.  Extreme disruptions will result in automatic office referral.


Materials: It is the expectation that you will bring the following to class everyday.

1) Textbook (Most find the sections needed on canvas unless they are an 8-3 user in which case we will check out a physical book)

2) iPad that is charged

3) Pencil, ink pen, paper, etc



 Grading Policy:                                                    Calculation of Final Trimester Grade:

A =90-100%                                                            

B =80-89%                                                                               

C =70-79%                                                             Weighted Categories:

D =60-69%                                                                 40%  Tests

F =0-59%                                                                    60%  Daily Assignments

Absences:  If you are absent, when you return to school it is your responsibility to check with each teacher to see what you missed during your absence. Based on the number of days you missed, you will have that same number of days to submit make-up assignments. 

Late Work:  One extra attempt to be grade at 80% partial credit

iPad Policy in this class:  You are NOT allowed to use your iPad for personal pleasure (gaming, internet surfing, ...) in this class unless the teacher has verbally given permission for students to do so.