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Pitts 7th grade Science syllabus


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SYLLABUS:      Course Title:  General Science  

Grade level:   7th


Instructor Information:


Instructor: Email:kpitts@girard248.org
School Phone:  (620) 724-4114 Planning Period Time available for phone call:  9:50 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. MTuThF





Course Standards (general topics you will learn in the course)-- dont use this section if you chose to use the OUTLINE

1) Physical Science Standards: 

    A.  Matter and Its Interactions

    B.  Motion and Stability: Forces and Interactions

    C.  Energy

    D.  Waves and their Applications in technologies for information transfer

2)  Life Science Standards:

    A.  Structure and Processes: from molecules to organisms

    B.  Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

    C.  Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits

    D.  Biological Evolution:  Unity and Diversity

3) Earth and Space Sciences Standards:

    A.  Earth's Places in the Universe

    B.  History of Earth

    C.  Earth's Systems

    D.  Earth and Human Activity

4)  Engineering, Technology, and Applications of Science

    A.  Engineering Design

    B.  Links Among Engineering, Technology, Science and Society


Classroom Expectations / Expected Behaviors:

1) COME TO CLASS PREPARED, bring required mterials, assignments, and iPad.

2) Go to seat upon arrival in the classroom and wait in seat to be dismissed at the end of class.

3) Do not ask to leave the room unless absolutely necessary.  Please use the restroom during passing period.

4) Please raise your hand to ask or answer a questions.

5) Respect yourself, your classmates, and your school.


Materials: It is the expectation that you will bring the following to class everyday.

1) Lined, loose leaf notebook paper. 

2) iPad that is charged

3) 3-pronged two pocket folder

4) pencils or pens-either black or blue ink please


 Grading Policy:                                                    Calculation of Final Trimester Grade:

A =90-100%                                                            

B =80-89%                                                                               

C =70-79%                                                             Weighted Categories:

D =60-69%                                                                  60%  Tests

F =0-59%                                                                    40%  Daily Assignments

Absences:  If you are absent, when you return to school it is your responsibility to check with each teacher to see what you missed during your absence. 

Late Work:  One day extra attempt to be graded at 80% partial credit. After one day late, it will not be accepted. 

iPad Policy in this class:  You are NOT allowed to use your iPad for personal pleasure (gaming, internet surfing, ...) in this class unless the teacher has verbally given permission for students to do so.